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עדי סמט - מוצרים טבעיים לפנים
"Feminine" is a clinic for comprehensive treatment of women's health, for women and girls,
Through natural and traditional nutrition, herbs, dietary supplements, reflexology, cosmetic acupuncture and natural cosmetics.


Hummingbird and fragrant lavender

Femininity is where health, beauty and soul meet

All solutions in one place



An ancient method of treating and balancing the body systems through the feet

דיקור  קוסמטי

Natural Beauty

A unique holistic treatment with wonderful power, which treats and preserves the face

Image by Davor Nisevic


One of the important ingredients in natural treatment


Emotional state

The emotional state  Affected and influential at all levels

The natural solution for menopause - All the details here
עדי סמט

My name is Adi Samet, a certified naturopath, with a bachelor's degree in social work and with over 15 years of experience in complementary medicine. Specializes in women's health and treats cosmetic acupuncture, natural cosmetics, herbs and reflexology, treats  At the clinic in Karkur.
I founded Feminine about 5 years ago, to provide a comprehensive natural response to women in the various cycles of life: puberty, adulthood, infertility, menopause and diseases such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndromes.
In order to complete the feminine health cycle, I also combine natural beauty treatments through cosmetic acupuncture and natural cosmetics, for the purpose of anti-aging, acne, scarred skin, thin and dry skin or for general strengthening of the facial skin and maintaining it while maintaining a general balance of the body .

Every woman is a world and its fullness.

Comprehensive escort package

From my personal experience and familiarity with different treatment methods and different tools in dealing with women in the life cycle
Here you can read about the recommended packages
בריאות האישה
Therapy Session

כל הקשור בבעיות מחזור, אנדומטריוזיס, פוליפים ומיומות , טיפול לגיל המעבר

יופי טבעי
Therapy Session

טיפולי פנים טבעיים הכוללים דיקור קוסמטי, קוסמטיקה טבעית, כלים סיניים קוסמטיים (רולרים וכוסות רוח)

Therapy Session

טיפול לאיזון כללי של מערכות הגוף

טיפול משולב
Therapy Session

טיפול המשלב את כל סוגי הטיפולים

  • External treatments for facial appearance - cosmetic acupuncture natural cosmetics

  • Comprehensive diagnosis by iridology (diagnosis in the eyeball) and reflexology.

  • Internal treatment of symptoms - nutrition, herbs, infusions, dietary supplements and reflexology

  • Emotional therapy - conversations and reflexology

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Dear women share

Treatment with witnesses is a complete experience for all the senses and the whole body. From the face that enjoys a restorative and uplifting treatment naturally to the feet that receive pampering. And in between a warm hug and contains a wealth of advice and knowledge ...

Takes care of grace.


Galit Navon

I wholeheartedly recommend Adi's products and treatment. At first I thought we only treat wrinkles ... and my facial condition was not a hit .. It took a while, ie several sessions, until I started to feel improvement and benefit, you could say that at the age of 48 and due to the last few years which were quite challenging, the reflection seemed wrinkled and wrinkled. .. I learned something from you ... The treatment led to the smoothing of wrinkles to the facial and neck skin, to which the shine and freshness returned, and pigment spots disappeared, but mainly due to Adi's extensive knowledge in other areas of treatment,  And reflexology, this is where intuition and familiarity came in, and after a number of sessions, moves began to happen in my life that I wanted to lie about, much more easily than I thought. Indeed, some blockages were opened ... Maybe the acupuncture inside is sometimes not such a pleasant experience, and you can always say that it's all a matter of chemistry between patient and therapist, so, personally, I can say that Adi was there for me when I really needed, and was ready for a common path, A generous, alert and attentive maternal human matter. Sometimes an in-depth clarification process is required to continue to be precise, sometimes just a touch. The cosmetic products she made, and which always equipped me with something else to try to see with suitable with feels that improves, helped in adding nourishment life and shine to the face and keep the results between treatments. Here's a chance to thank you for everything!



What fun we were able to finally find time for that treatment 
What I got from you was not only as pampering and relaxing as I expected it to be, but also professional and in-depth.
I thought I only came for cosmetic acupuncture but I received during the hour and a half with you dietary advice according to macrobiotics, face mask, reflexology, acupuncture on the face and various body parts with adjustment to my thin and delicate facial skin and no less important time for relaxation and rest.

I am already waiting for the next treatment


Michal K.

Before the holidays I tried such a treatment and came out calm and radiant (the skin radiated). Your clinic is charming and the treatment is professional and very pleasant. Although it is difficult to see results  Reality After one treatment the skin looks excellent. The ingredients I tried, serum and face cream, also make the light feel soft and pleasant. I highly recommend!


Tamar S.

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